COVID-19, Climate Change, and International Law

As a part of the the American Society of International Law’s Signature Topic on Climate Change, I participated in a panel on COVID-19, Climate Change, and International Law with Cinnamon Carlarne (Ohio State Law), Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli (King’s College London), and Daniel Farber (Berkeley Law). I shared my ideas on how the pandemic economic recovery should include a green recovery that includes frontline communities.

The second event of the series focused on U.S. Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. It was organized by ASIL Interest Group on International Environmental Law. Speakers included Kaarina Airas (Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN), Daniele Violetti (UNFCC), Daniel Kammen (Berkeley), and Paolo Farah (West Virginia University).


I did finish the marathon. Officially a marathoner.

I will not be doing it again anytime soon. Or anytime ever. My left foot still hurts. I had surgery on it last year.

Could do the half marathons, but the full would be hard.

Meanwhile, across the pond.

If the separatism bill passes the National Assembly in France, the age of consent for sex will be lower than the age of consent for wearing the hijab.

If I had to chose between hijab and going out without, I would sit at home.


I thought I could just quietly sign up for a marathon, and if I couldn’t run the whole thing, I would do the half.

Then, I got an email:

Hi Professor Ahmad,

Happy spring break! I hope you’ve been doing well.

I just wanted to reach out because I’m running the Tomoka Marathon in a few weeks and I noticed that your name was also on the participant list. I wasn’t sure if this was you or someone with the same name, but I thought I would reach out and ask because that’s so awesome!

My training has been off and on, but I am pretty sure I can complete the marathon. The largest distance I have completed this year is 8 miles, but I think I can go the distance. The problem may be the pacers.

I needed to get new shoes. I opted for Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.

Additional gear

  • Visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Running belt with water bottles
  • GU packs
  • Athletic pants with zipper
  • Microfiber shirt

Sebring, Debary, and Cocoa have marathons scheduled for the fall. Late April also has one in Clearwater, but Ramadan marathoning isn’t quite something I can do. And a summer marathon would be hard as well.

I did 7.25 miles yesterday. And need to do 30-60 minutes of running each day or every other day before the race.

I got a treadmill desk attachment along with a standing desk converter to help with being able to train and stand for long periods of time. I used the Half Marathon Training Audible book, but doubled the runs, because I was doing a full.

By this time next week, I would have run a marathon, or a least have a better idea how to run one, iA.

RE: Memo for Expanding the Map for Democrats by DNC Chair Jaime Harrison

In an email today from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, he writes

Investing early in all 50 states

We talk a lot about the power of early investments, but it’s especially true of any effort to expand our party’s map. Think of it this way:

Fundraising during a campaign cycle usually follows what we call a “hockey stick” model. Donations stay fairly flat throughout most of the year, and then, as attention and excitement build in the weeks leading up to Election Day, more gifts are made and the head of the hockey stick curves upward.

Here’s the downside: Expanding our party’s map is fundamentally incompatible with the hockey stick model. Putting new states on the map requires investing in staff, organizing, and infrastructure months — if not years — before Election Day, which means that by the time our party starts raising the kind of money that could expand our map, it’s often too late to invest it to best accomplish that goal.

There are 634 days until November 8, 2022.

Election Day 2022.

What are we doing now? What are we doing in the open? What are doing behind closed doors? What are doing do really build the infrastructure to sustain us in 2021 and 2022.

Florida is not a Red State. Florida is a state marred by voter suppression. Unless we know and believe we can win, we will not win.


I have to prepare a bunch of speeches. I thought this would be my off week.

Advanced Biofuels (due two weeks ago)

50 State Voter Mobilization Initiative at the Democratic Parity of Orange County, California (tomorrow)

Roundtable on Exclusion in the American (ABA)(Tuesday)

Environmental Law as Segregation (Howard University)(Friday)

Youth And Female Empowerment as Muslim of Indian Origin (Michigan)(Sunday)

Law, Democracy, and Politics After the Deluge (New Orleans)(November)

Health Environmental Advocacy Nexus (Sweden)(December)


We knew it was coming. But it still felt so sudden. The loss. The ache. The pain of the loss and the heartache. She was always so strong, but so delicate in that petite frame. The fragile and the tough all combined in one momentous individual. Losing Justice Ginsburg is like losing the law. It’s a loss that really needs to be mourned before we can get back in to high gear fight mode.

I spent time in both of my classes today discussing the legacy of Justice Ginsburg. Her impact on business law and environmental law.