Environmental Law and Policy
  • Federal Environmental Justice Legislation and Regulations
  • Environmental Law as Segregation
  • “Mask Off” – The Coloniality of Environmental Justice
  • Trust or Bust: Complications with Tribal Trust Obligations and Environmental Sovereignty
  • A Primer: Air and Water Environmental Quality Standards in the United States
  • Billionaires, Birds, and Environmental Brawls: Reconceptualizing Energy Easements
  • Necessity and Sufficiency of Environmental Impact Statements under § 102(2)(c) of National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
  • Dam-Racing in South Asia: The Environmental Disasters Waiting to Happen
  • Financial Incentives for Wetland Protection and Restoration
  • Resolving Natural Resource Conflicts as a Path to Peace
  • Meta-Regulation for Environmental Monitoring and Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Climate and Energy Law
  • Military Carbon Emissions
  • Synthesizing Energy Transitions
  • Climate Chauvinism: Rethinking Loss and Damage
  • Climate Cages: Connecting Migration, the Carceral State, Extinction Rebellion, and the Coronavirus
  • IRENA at 10: Post-Paris Energy Transitions and Energy Diplomacy
  • Energy for Metropolis
  • Resiliency and Responsive Regulation for Advanced Biofuels
  • Blood Biofuels
  • Monsoons, Hydropower, and Climate Justice in Pakistan’s River Communities
  • Reassessing Climate Justice and Energy Security Between India and Pakistan
  • High Speed Public Policy for Algae-Based Biofuel
International Law and Business
  • The International Sugar Trade and Sustainable Development
  • Book Review: International Environmental Law and the Global South
  • A National Mineral Policy as an International Investment Law Stratagem
  • Transnational Energy Law Regimes and Systems Dynamics
  • Construction and Application of Supreme Court’s Holding in Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd.
  • The Baseline Bar for a Net Zero Energy Future
  • The Tropics Exploited: Risk Preparedness and Corporate Social Responsibility in Offshore Energy Development
  • Missouri Oil & Gas Update
  • Gauging the Gender Divide in the Middle East’s Educational System
Religion, Culture, and Social Justice
  • Travel Discrimination Study
  • Faith-Based Approaches to Ecological Harmony and Environmental Protection
  • Recognizing the Role of Religion in Environmental Legal Norms
  • “Blood, Sweat, Tears:” A Muslim Woman Law Professor’s View
  • The Islamic Influence in (Pre-)Colonial and Early America
  • Tradition v. Modernity in Attia Hosain’s Sunlight on Broken Column and Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters
  • Geo-Politics and Women’s Bodies from the Perspective of the South Asian Diaspora
  • Cracking India: Cultural and Religious Representations in Indo-Anglian Literature
Technological Innovation in Environmental Management and Emergency Response