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Sustainable Development, Environmental Justice, Advanced Renewables & International Investment Law

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Nadia Ahmad is an author, attorney, law professor, and environmental justice advocate. She has spent her academic career focusing on frontline communities who are the most vulnerable to energy production.

She is an Associate Professor at Barry University School of Law and the Coordinator of the Environmental and Earth Law Certificate Program. She teaches environmental law, property, and business organizations. She has presented her research on the law and policy of advanced biofuels in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Cambridge, Doha, Denver, New York, and San Francisco. Her over 45 scholarly publications focus on the intersections of energy siting, the environment, and sustainable development and draw on international investment law and corporate social responsibility.

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3d edition, Carolina Academic (2020)

Environmental Justice: Law, Policy, and Regulation explores theory and practice in this dynamic subject, which fuses environmental law and civil rights enforcement.

From early concerns over toxic waste in minority communities, environmental justice expanded to consider the range of environmental threats facing poor, immigrant, and indigenous communities; women, children, and seniors; and other vulnerable populations.

Random House: Xlibris (2002)

Unveiling the Real Terrorist Mind is an interdisciplinary anthology that provides an in-depth an analytic perspective on the 9/11 cataclysm. Unveiling the Real Terrorist Mind engages in the debate on the War on Terrorism: A must-read for all those interested in lasting peace and justice.

This monumental collection of essays, poems, and articles explores issues of terrorism, genocide, race, and war from the view of 66 academics and peace activists from six continents.

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