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“Patakha Guddi” is a Bollywood song from the 2014 film “Highway” that was composed by A. R. Rahman. The song features the Nooran Sisters, who are known for their Sufi-style vocals and have also worked with him on other projects. The song was well-received and became popular upon its release at the time. Now another remix is on the horizon.

One of the Nooran Sisters revealed that Drake is working on a new version of the song and that it was just re-dubbed in India in an interview with BBC Asian. She continued by saying that the song is being mixed right now and would be released soon. She added that it doesn’t really matter to her when asked if she is pleased about working with Drake, a global sensation.

Aashna Shah, Drake Sparks Cross-Cultural Collaboration With Nooran Sisters For Explosive Rendition Of ‘Patakha Guddi,’ ET Canada, May, 4, 2023.

The film, Highway, tells the story of a young woman named Veera, who is kidnapped by a gang of criminals while on a road trip. During her captivity, she develops a close bond with one of her captors, Mahabir, and begins to question her privileged upbringing and the materialistic values that have defined her life. Veera’s captivity becomes an opportunity for self-discovery and introspection, as she is forced to confront her own fears, insecurities, and biases. Through her interactions with Mahabir, Veera begins to see the world through a different lens and gains a deeper understanding of life. The film’s depiction of Veera’s personal journey is particularly notable for its nuanced exploration of trauma and healing. Through Veera’s experiences, the film explores themes of resilience, forgiveness, and the power of human connection.

Here is the remix of Guddi Riddim by DJ Snake and Wade, also featuring the Nooran Sisters.

Multi-platinum DJ and world-renowned producer DJ Snake joins forces with Spain’s Wade and India’s Nooran Sisters for the hypnotic new single “Guddi Riddim,” out now via Interscope Records. Euphoric and irresistible, the blistering track is already a viral sensation on social media — with snippets amassing millions of views since Snake added it to his live set.

Kicking off with the Nooran Sisters chanting in Hindi and Punjabi, the French hitmaker and the Spanish DJ Wade build a big, bold dance anthem that is as frenetic as it is delirium-inducing. “Guddi Riddim” is peppered with a global mix of both the DJ’s signature transitions, including echo effects, volume fades, epic breakdowns and Wade’s pulse-pounding beats that are destined to drive clubbers into a frenzy wherever the song is played. By mixing Indian sounds with electronica, Snake, Wade, and Nooran Sisters together concoct a truly global sound.

With “Guddi Riddim,” Snake adds another all-conquering banger to his setlist and showcases, yet again, his ability to effortlessly blend sounds and influences.

Christopher Gonda, DJ Snake and Wade Drop New Single “Guddi Riddim” feat. Nooran Sisters, V13, December 20, 2022.
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