Mid-Semester Ramadan

Since the first time I became a law professor, Ramadan falls square in the middle of the semester.

Energy Insights

On December 8, I presented at the National Academy of Sciences as a part of Energy Insights 2022 meeting that was sponsored by Resources for the Future and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. I spoke about our project on Just Energy Transitions and Place. Other members of our research project include Elise Harrington, University of…

Who Is Responsible for Extreme Flooding?

Climate reparations in the form of loss and damage were on the table in COP 27 in Egypt. Yet the compensation for the loss and damage fund far exceeds what will be necessary for climate change adaptation. While I can share images, statistics, and narratives, I cannot share full scope of the lives and livelihoods…


Rihanna: “Burning in an Hopeless Dream”


Late Season Disturbance


COP 27: the climate carnage we’ve faced this year (Guardian News)

Inflation Reduction Act

Will the markets hold or improve? Markets are looking to start climbing again. They tanked on Tuesday when I was in DC to celebrate the IRA. Crude is steady. Asian markets are rebounding. I cannot fully process the IRA yet, because most of the markers won’t hit until next year and beyond. I would like…


Can I get some light in here?


August in the Atlantic

Late blooming storms of the season. Bit later than usual. We should have a sense by midweek as to the status of these disturbances. FPL has new gear to track storms and conduct damage assessments. Via Power Grid International Florida’s primary energy provider is ready to launch a powerful new technology, just ahead of the…