Au revoir April

Tomorrow is the last day of classes. What a semester it was.

2 days to turn in sign off on book review. Supreme Court is sitting on a case, and I’m not sure what to do about the flux of the law at this point on the point I am discussing. The title for the book review is six lines long. It’s three lines longer than long titles should be. I don’t care and think it needs to be long, because people don’t do anything anymore. They barely read an abstract.

The weekend to complete teacher’s manual. I should have spent the morning finishing up a chapter, but I wasted it tweeting and finding myself a new background photo for my laptop. I found the remains of Cleopatra’s ruins underwater and stuck it there. Because we need to think that our civilization is so lousy compared to ancient ruins.

Monday to send off book manuscript to friends for edits and comments. This was sitting on my head for three years. I planned to complete by August. But thank you, coronavirus! It’s already done! Needs ton a work and gotta get image permissions. But this will be my first solo authored book. I am so excited about it that I can forgive myself for wasting the morning.

1 week to turn in first draft edits on article. Does not look so bad. May ask for a two day extension.

3 weeks of Ramadan to go. This is the best Ramadan since 1999 when we had tarawih in our room downstairs. There were certain local religio-political factors that led to having tarawih in our house, but I didn’t have to go anywhere and have time oppression and the corollary people annoyance on my head. I didn’t worry about what I wore. If anyone annoyed me, I would just go to my room. But this Ramadan, it’s really nice that I don’t have to go anywhere. I don’t really miss the masjid, because the level of annoyance I internalize with my hapless attempt at trying to keep kids docile is just not worth going. They won’t eat. They won’t sit still. I think we have iftar with Cocomelon in the background, and no one bats an eye. I won’t admit it, but I am fairly certain it’s happening with a high degree of probability.

4.5 weeks of homeschooling for spring. I am now two minutes late (now sevens in editing the blog post) for dragging kids out of bed.

5 weeks until summer classes start. I should go wake them up now… And figure that out later.

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