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Bahubali 2' creates history, becomes first Indian movie ever to ...

Legal Scholar Osama Siddique, who is an Associate Fellow at the Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS), in Lahore, Pakistan tweets of last summer’s Baahubali blockbuster:

I agree about this assessment except the film would more likely be funded by the Asian Development Bank or financiers in the Middle East. If the World Bank had funded the project, it would have cast from Hollywood, not unknowns. That was one of the keys to success for the film was the use of local talent. Brazil has requirements for local content and local workers in its development projects.

NDTV shares five business/financial tips from the film :

Playing The Waiting Game
Baahubali forfeits his right to the throne but never loses sight of the kingdom. It took two generations to finally gain the kingdom. Similarly in the field of investing, the waiting game eventually pays off, Angel Broking said.

Spend Big To Earn Big
Baahubali pays a huge price throughout his life. He forfeits the throne. He also gives up a life of luxury to live among the commoners. Eventually, he also gives up his own life. While investing the same principles hold true as Most of us tend to trade and invest without understanding the actual costs and the opportunity costs. We hold on to our investments for a long time and get out at the wrong time.

Greed At The Wrong Time Can Be Your Undoing
Baahubali’s brother succumbs to greed and that eventually proves to be his undoing. Baahubali, on the other hand, was greedy at the right time. Similarly, in the investment arena you need to know when to be greedy and when to be fearful. Greed at the bottom of the investing cycle and fear at the top is positive. The reverse can be disastrous for you.

You Don’t Need Superstars
Baahubali proved that you do not need big stars to create a blockbuster movie. That is true of your portfolio too. You need star potential; not just superstars in your investment portfolio.

Never Let Emotions Cloud Your Judgement
This was the underlying theme of Baahubali; the character. Whether he was confronted by his affection towards his mother or his commitment towards his wife, Baahubali never allowed emotion to get the better of his judgement. Emotions are your biggest enemy while investing, says Angel Broking. You normally tend to follow the herd mentality and you tend to get swept away by emotions. Like Baahubali, your investment decisions must be driven by cold logic and incisive analysis.

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