The Sci-Tech Personality

I’m going through the 50+ notes I have saved on my phone. I found this one about the sci-tech personality from The Abolish Work blog:

During the Cold War, defense companies like Lockheed in the Santa Clara Valley drew scores of ambitious scientists; these workers seemed to share certain personality traits, including social awkwardness, emotional detachment, and, namely, a single-mindedness about their work to the point at which “they devoted every waking hour to it, usually to the exclusion of nonwork relationships, exercise, sleep, food, and even personal care.” In the late ’50s, Lockheed’s own company psychologists created a label for this particular bundle of traits: “the sci-tech personality.”

As a law professor, who writes about sci-tech issues, I can get into the sci-tech personality zone during the writing season. But the power went out due to the rain, so here I am blogging.

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