August in the Atlantic

(The possible area(s) of tropical development according to the latest National Hurricane Center outlook are shown by polygons, color-coded by the chance of development over the next five days. An “X” indicates the location of a current disturbance.) via

Late blooming storms of the season. Bit later than usual. We should have a sense by midweek as to the status of these disturbances.

FPL has new gear to track storms and conduct damage assessments.

FPL Air One drone designed to help hurricane recovery.

Via Power Grid International

Florida’s primary energy provider is ready to launch a powerful new technology, just ahead of the busiest weeks of the Atlantic hurricane season: a new fixed-wing drone designed fly into tropical storm force winds and speed the restoration of electricity after severe weather.

FPLAir One resembles a small plane and is remotely operated, enabling the utility to capture and deliver images and video of damaged electrical equipment in real time to its command center. It can fly up to 1000 miles (1600 kilometers) at a time — enough to cover the length of Florida twice in the immediate wake of the most damaging storms.a

It’s a vast improvement on bucket trucks and hand-held drones when it comes to learning what a storm did at the top of a power pole.

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