Ms. Marvel

In the opening scene, Kamala Khan fails her driving test. She reverses into her driving examiner’s vehicle. I wasn’t that bad, but it took me three tries to pass the driving test in Florida when I was 16. It was super embarrassing. When I finally passed I wrote “L” on my left hand so I don’t get mixed up.

When I moved to California for college and needed to retake the written portion of the test to get my driver’s license, I failed really bad. The Filipino American test proctor gave me the answers to the questions I got wrong, told me to study and retake it in 15 minutes.

I get confused between left and right and reverse and drive.

My son laughed so hard in some scenes in Ms. Marvel that he spit his drink out. Ms. Marvel is no competition for Flash, not as slick, but it’s funnier and more relatable.

Sana Amanat, one of the co-writers of the original series, was the first Hyderabadi-Punjabi woman I ever met. Super proud of Sana and the team behind this production. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

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