Five Hours on Hold on the Phone

By 9:45 am today, I was ready to call it quits for the day. I wanted to hold time still.

My older kids were 3 minutes late to school. Traffic has become very rough.

I see the tire pressure is low. I don’t want to start Monday with a flat tire. I stop the express lube and get the air filled. The proper air calibration is beyond my skillset.

Then the bar exam results roll out.

Finally, I make it to the post office to pick up a certified package. I was wondering why I would get a certified package. When I saw it was from the hospital, my heart started pounding. I had gone for a mammogram a couple weeks ago and forgotten. Two years past when I was supposed to go.

I spent 3 hours on phone in the morning between the doctor’s office and the radiology lab and another 2 hours in the afternoon. All to no avail. Finding out one has to do a follow up appointment after a mammogram is zero fun.

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Nadia Ahmad

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