The Law of the Kardashians

Good evening, Professor Ahmad,

The registrar released the course offerings for the fall semester and I noticed that you will be teaching “The Law of the Kardashians.” Could you please advise on what aspects of the law this course will touch on? Do you have a brief course synopsis/plan? I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and hopefully taking the course. 

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This course will be part of the Practice Ready Institute and provide an overview of laws relating to the subjects of property, contracts, real estate, privacy rights, criminal law and business entities. The course will provide an overview how how the Kardashian family has contributed to developments in the law — broadly conceived. The family patriarch and attorney Robert Kardashian served a pivotal role in the defense of celebrity athlete OJ Simpson, which shaped the the directionality of jury consulting, televised courtrooms and trial coverage for decades. Later entrepreneur and law student Kim Kardashian set in motion a prison reform machine to address sentencing guidelines and calls for carceral clemency. Her siblings are also involved in other billion dollar business ventures, requiring a cadre of legal issues. This course will cover the rise of the Kardashian family and how they have shaped developments in popular culture and the law through legal consulting, activism and celebrity stature. The course will include a paper component. 

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