RE: Memo for Expanding the Map for Democrats

In an email today from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, he writes

Investing early in all 50 states

We talk a lot about the power of early investments, but it’s especially true of any effort to expand our party’s map. Think of it this way:

Fundraising during a campaign cycle usually follows what we call a “hockey stick” model. Donations stay fairly flat throughout most of the year, and then, as attention and excitement build in the weeks leading up to Election Day, more gifts are made and the head of the hockey stick curves upward.

Here’s the downside: Expanding our party’s map is fundamentally incompatible with the hockey stick model. Putting new states on the map requires investing in staff, organizing, and infrastructure months — if not years — before Election Day, which means that by the time our party starts raising the kind of money that could expand our map, it’s often too late to invest it to best accomplish that goal.

There are 634 days until November 8, 2022.

Election Day 2022.

What are we doing now? What are we doing in the open? What are doing behind closed doors? What are doing do really build the infrastructure to sustain us in 2021 and 2022.

Florida is not a Red State. Florida is a state marred by voter suppression. Unless we know and believe we can win, we will not win.

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