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Scholarly Articles

The Dialogic of Environmentalism: A Framework for the Health Environment Advocacy Rhetoric Nexus (in progress)

“Blood, Sweat, and Tears”: A Muslim Woman Law Professor’s View on Degenerative Racism, Misogyny, and (Internal) Islamophobia from Preeclampsia to Pandemic Tenure, 15 FIU LAW REVIEW __ (2021)

Environmental Law as Segregation, 63 HOWARD LAW JOURNAL __ (2021) (with Melissa Bryan)

Climate Cages: Connecting Migration, the Carceral State, Extinction Rebellion, and the Coronavirus through Cicero and 21 Savage, 65 LOYOLA LAW REVIEW 1 (2020)

IRENA at 10: Post-Paris Energy Transitions and Energy Diplomacy Beyond OPEC, the Energy Charter Treaty, and the Coronavirus, 11 SAN DIEGO J. CLIMATE & ENERGY L. 45  (2020)

Faith-Based Approaches to Ecological Harmony and Environmental Protection, 21 RUTGERS RACE & LAW REVIEW 2 (2020)

Recognizing the Role of Religion in Environmental Legal Norms, 32 ST. THOMAS LAW REVIEW 24 (2020) (symposium)

Re-Reading Anita Bernstein’s The Common Law Inside the Female Body from the Bottom of the Well: Analysis of the Central Park Five, Border Drownings, the Kavanaugh Confirmation, and the Coronavirus, BOSTON COLLEGE LAW REVIEW ELECTRONIC SUPPLEMENT (2020) (book review)

“Mask Off” – The Coloniality of Environmental Justice: A Comparative Analysis of Water Hazards in Puerto Rico, Pakistan, and the Philippines, 25 WIDENER L. REV. 173 (2019) (invited symposium)

Energy for Metropolis, 73 U. MIAMI L. REV. 258 (2018)

Resiliency and Responsive Regulation for Advanced Biofuels, 36 VIRGINIA ENVT’L L. J. 40 (2018)

The Baseline Bar, 60 KANSAS L. REV. 579 (2017)

Trust or Bust: Complications with Tribal Trust Obligations and Environmental Sovereignty, 41 VERMONT L. REV 799 (2017)

Blood Biofuels, 27 DUKE ENVT’L. L. & POL’Y FORUM 265 (2017)

International Environmental Law and the Global South, AM. J. INT’L L. (2016) (book review)

A Primer: Air and Water Environmental Quality Standards in the United States, 40 WM. & MARY ENVTL. L. & POL’Y REV. 115 (2016) (with Jason Czarnezki and Siu Tip Lam)

Billionaires, Birds, and Environmental Brawls: Reconceptualizing Energy Easements, 6 WASH. & LEE J. ENERGY, CLIMATE, & ENV’T 3 (2015)

The International Sugar Trade and Sustainable Development: Curtailing the Sugar Rush, 39 N.C. J. INT’L L. & COM. REG. 675 (2014)

A National Mineral Policy as an International Investment Law Stratagem: The Case of Tajikistan’s Gold Reserves, 27 PAC. MCGEORGE GLOBAL BUS. & DEV. L.J. 1 (2014)

“Turn on the Lights” – Sustainable Energy Investment and Regulatory Policy: Charting the Hydrokinetic Path in Pakistan, 5 WASH. & LEE J. ENERGY, CLIMATE, & ENV’T 165 (2014)

The Islamic Influence in (Pre-)Colonial and Early America: A Historico-Legal Snapshot, 12 SEATTLE J. SOC. JUST. 913 (2014) (invited symposium)

The Tropics Exploited: Risk Preparedness and Corporate Social Responsibility in Offshore Energy Development, 1 TEX. A&M L. REV. 335 (2013)

Missouri Oil & Gas Update, 19 TEX. WESLEYAN L. REV. 391 (2013)

Gauging the Gender Divide in the Middle East’s Educational System: Causes, Concerns, and the Legal Impetus for Change, J. RELIG. & SOC’Y (2013) (peer-reviewed) (book review essay)

High Speed Public Policy for Algae-Based Biofuel as a Viable Energy Alternative: Improving Florida-China Relations through Sustainable Collaboration, INT’L L.Q., vol. XXX, no. 1 (2012)

Geo-Politics and Women’s Bodies from the Perspective of the South Asian Diaspora, INT’L L.Q., vol. XXII, no. 3 (2007)

Cracking India: Cultural and Religious Representations in Indo-Anglian Literature (1947 to Present), Department of Comparative Literature & Classics, California State University, Long Beach, GENRE, vol. 22 (2001)

Books and Book Chapters



ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: LAW, POLICY, AND REGULATION (with Rebecca Bratspies, Roger Lin, and Clifford Villa) (3d edition, Carolina Academic) (2020)

Resolving Natural Resource Conflicts as a Path to Peace in LAWYERS AS CHANGEMAKERS: THE GLOBAL INTEGRATIVE LAW MOVEMENT (American Bar Association) (2017)

Monsoons, Hydropower,  and Climate Justice in Pakistan’s River Communities in CLIMATE JUSTICE: CASE STUDIES IN GLOBAL AND REGIONAL GOVERNANCE CHALLENGES (Environmental Law Institute) (2016)

Financial Incentives for Wetland Protection and Restoration in The Wetland Book: Structure and Function, Management and Methods (Springer) (2016)


Construction and Application of Supreme Court’s Holding in Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd., 130 S. Ct. 2869, 177 L. Ed. 2d 535 (2010) that Section 10(b) (15 U.S.C.A. § 78j(b)) Reaches use of Manipulative or Deceptive Device or Contrivance Only in Connection with Purchase or Sale of Security Listed on an American Stock Exchange, and Purchase or Sale of any other Security in United States, 92 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 133 (2015) (with Daniel Klein)

Necessity and Sufficiency of Environmental Impact Statements under § 102(2)(c) of National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C.A. § 4332(2)(c)) Concerning Climate Change, 85 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 1 (2014)

Tradition v. Modernity in Attia Hosain’s Sunlight on Broken Column and Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters, in ON THE ROAD TO BAGHDAD, OR TRAVELING BI-CULTURALISM: THEORIZING A BI-CULTURAL APPROACH TO WORLD FICTION, ed. Gönül Pultar (New Academia, 2005)

UNVEILING THE REAL TERRORIST MIND (Random House: Xlibris) (2002)

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