Code Yellow Lockdown to Funnel Cloud

Monday started with a Code Yellow Lockdown at my kids’ school because there was a report of an armed student at Seminole State College nearby. My daughter was outside in recess at the time the lockdown was issued. She was very annoyed that she had to go inside initially, but glad she was able to have “indoor recess.” My son didn’t realize it was real or a drill.

Why are guns so readily accessible? Why are these lockdowns so normalized.

And then Thursday. Three trees fell in my mom’s office parking lot, the result of a funnel cloud or an intense storm pocket. Alhumdullilah, no one was injured. Two cars were shaheed in the process, including my mom’s.

“This is so traumatizing,” that was my son’s take on the scene once he saw it after he got there after school.

By the time I had gotten there, the fire truck was leaving, and four police officers were sitting there.

I was furious. My parents had been complaining to the City and the neighbor to chop down that tree for years. No response. In fact, just last week, they complained to the city of needles and condoms left on the neighbor’s property. The city and the police did what they do best – nothing.

As soon as the tree falls on my mom’s car, the whole city shows up, including representatives of the City of Altamonte Springs. I let them have it. Needless to say, the city had the neighbor cut the tree.

When black and brown people have problems, the police and the city ignore them. Then they show up all on the scene when the disaster happens. When white people have problems, the police and city are responsive.

I blame the City of Altamonte Springs for my dad’s heart attack in 2004, which I wrote about in my law review article, Blood, Sweat, Tears. He attended a code enforcement hearing that ordered him to demolish a perfectly okay house, because the city didn’t want to police white kids that kept breaking in and doing drugs in there, so they decided the best solution was to have my immigrant dad demolish a perfectly fine house that had some roof damage also due to tree damage. The solid refuse of rules of white racial municipal zoning, code, and enforcement rules.

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