Sitting On the Ramadan Greeting

It’s 8:25 am.

Ramadan Day 1.

Yesterday the Republican National Committee issued a Ramadan statement in SPANISH, after it released one in English. YESTERDAY.

WASHINGTON — Ronna McDaniel, Presidenta del Comité Nacional Republicano (RNC), emitió hoy la siguiente declaración con motivo del Ramadán:

“Enviamos nuestros mejores deseos a todos nuestros amigos musulmanes que observan el comienzo del Ramadán, con la salida de la luna creciente de esta noche. Que todos los musulmanes tengan un bendito Ramadán y que todos los estadounidenses se inspiren en el espíritu de oración, caridad y disciplina religiosa que define este mes sagrado.”

This is the problem of the Democratic Party in a nutshell. It’s like they pretend to like us. They have to pretend to like us so they can maybe get us to vote for them. But they are perfectly content losing elections, because they are okay with marginalizing us.

Wednesday afternoon at 6:05 pm, I had emailed over my revisions. It’s Saturday morning, and the statement is still not out. Like after teaching two classes, picking up three kids from school, student meetings, etc. I made it a priority to respond as soon as I could. It was more the priority more than dinner. And then. Nothing.

This is what my dad calls “rajeweh.” I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like the aristocratic class in Pakistan that doesn’t care about the rest of the country.

Ramadan is supposed to be a time of introspection, self-reflection. And we are supposed to be nice and kind and blah blah.

One of the keys to success is to sit quiet, say nothing. This lack of responsiveness and “yes sir” attitude will take one far in political elite circles, but it will not win elections.

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