“Blood, Sweat, Tears”

My article, “Blood, Sweat, Tears:” A Muslim Woman Law Professor’s View on Degenerative Racism, Misogyny, and (Internal) Islamophobia from Preeclampsia and Presumed Incompetent to Pandemic Tenure, in the FIU Law Review is now available for download. This article is my pandemic academic parenting saga, but also why I hated law school.

Someone once told me I was good at public bashings. I didn’t actually refer to it that way. I considered it truth-telling. I am very grateful to Cyra Choudhury, Shruti Rana, and Meera Deo for developing this concept and symposium and helping those junior in the academy and untenured at the time find our footing.

Britney Spears went after Diane Sawyer for a 2003 interview. This law review article is me going after my associate dean from law school from when she called armed police on me for asking questions about why professors were sleeping with students. She would then go on to be the Chair of the Florida Bar of Board Examiners. One lesson to learn is that one will always be handsomely rewarded for covering up other people’s shit.

The summer of 2004 I was a 2L and everything went wrong in my life when everything was supposed to be going right. My sister had a bad accident in Miami. My dad had a heart attack in Jacksonville followed by pulmonary embolism. I had to fight the State Department so my fiancé could get a visa to come to America. And I was fed up with law school. Three hurricanes barreled through Central Florida. Parts of the roof on our house were torn off. Our neighborhood looked like a disaster war zone with all the fallen debris and property damage. In the middle of all of this, I return to law school after summer break, and I find out that three law professors were removed from the schedule for, inter alia, allegations of having sexual relationships with students. I never found out what actually happened if anything. But when I went to the Associate Dean to share my concerns, she called the police on me. She tried to Baker Act a Berkeley grad. Yet she wasn’t concerned about my wellness, she was only concerned about the school’s reputation.

“I shouldn’t have to f**k to get what I want here, because I cannot even f**k because of the State

Nadia B. Ahmad, “Blood, Sweat, Tears:” A Muslim Woman Law Professor’s View on Degenerative Racism,
Misogyny, and (Internal) Islamophobia from Preeclampsia and Presumed Incompetent to Pandemic
Tenure, 16 FIU L. Rev. 13 (2021).

I added if she didn’t want to answer my questions, I will call the Florida Alligator, the campus newspaper, and she can answer their questions instead. The Florida Alligator is not The Daily Californian. Confused and panicked, the Associate Dean called the police instead. And then she lied about it.

I saw three University Police Department squad cars, including a K-9 Unit, roll up. One of the squad cars left because even the police recognized that their response was disproportionate.

I didn’t have to wonder very long why UF Law would work so hard to cover up that scandal. One of the things I have learned very well in my years in newsrooms, law firms, and academia is that people will always be willing to cover up other people’s shit because they have their own shit to cover up.

At the University of Florida Levin College of Law, a former associate dean named John Patrick Shannon resigned back in 2006 after law enforcement raided his home and office as part of an investigation into online child exploitation. He was charged with two counts of child abuse and was sentenced to house arrest and probation. Shannon also gave up his law license. According to Gainesville.com, Shannon offered advice in emails and online chats about how to give a child extra medication to take advantage of the kid more easily. However, since he was charged with child abuse, he will not be required to register as a sex offender.

Law School Employees on the Wrong Side of the Law, JD Journal.
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