Immigrant Fathers

My friend’s father past away last night. We will be burying him tomorrow. It’s one thing to experience grief, but another to watch others undergo it. This death has left me numb. Only because it was unexpected and sudden. It has left me so broken. He was so full of life and laughter.

Losing my father has been a constant consternation since 2004. I remember how lost I felt when the idiotic doctor told us that we need to prepare to bury my father. We got a new doctor. My father lived. But that experience of possibly losing him put a permanent fear in my life.

For immigrant daughters, our fathers our the frontline protection against everything. Whenever I have a worry, my father will dismiss it as something not to worry about it. Because it’s usually not a big deal.

Just don’t ask me how I am doing, because the pain is real.

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Nadia Ahmad

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