Jazba Version

They wouldn’t get our language. Or our culture, religion, food, or ways.

Jazba is done with feeling, emotion, or passion. It’s hard to translate. And I don’t really care to translate, because that’s all I ever do. Try to make people understand. Because they don’t just always “get it,” whatever there is to get of it.

February was a rough month. I thought January was hard, but February – woah!

✔️My aunt died

✔️ My parents got COViD

✔️ My car died

✔️ Russia invaded Ukraine

My car literally died as I just found out my aunt died. It was a deep stranding feeling to be stranded physically when one is stranded emotionally and cannot connect. I was going to give myself sometime last month to be upset, but I did it today. so I can move on.

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