The Pushback

British Airways' remote-control pushback vehicles reach record 100,000  departures
British Airways celebrated its 100,000th aircraft pushback using the airline’s fully-electric, remote-controlled Mototok devices, which have been used to swiftly maneuver the airline’s 140-strong short-haul fleet out to the runway for take-off for the last two years.

I was expecting the pushback, but earlier. Yet things are always so slow in the South. The rate of speech. The dialect. The drawing out out of vowels and pauses between words. The pushback comes later, because it takes it that long for them to figure out what has been happening.

People are resistant to change and less likely to want it. They like things the way they are. They like predictability. Being able to respond and handle instability requires moving away from the mundane, the tired and the happenstance. Lawyering also requires being able to respond to changing conditions and variability.

Getting airborne for a plane requires an actual take-off. It’s the pushback from the terminal. British Airways has a fully electric, remote-controlled aircraft pushback device. If the airline industry can automate pushback, so can higher education as well as the legal education. The day-to-day is becoming more automated. Being able to teach in auto-pilot is becoming more of norm. So I am confronted with if I will be automated in my instruction, in doing what has always been done for hundreds of years, or if I am doing the automation. Me doing the automation is not what people will like, but, nevertheless, I persist and continue to resist.

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