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I’ve managed to unsubscribe all from almost all email listservs. I also left the group WhatsApp and Signal chats.

In the time since, I have been able to find my laptop that was missing for the past two weeks. I didn’t actually find it. My husband did.

He picks it up as it was stuck behind a cushion in the sofa.

“Did you find it?”


He picks it up, and I look at it closely and recognize it’s mine.

“Did you find it?”


“Is this your laptop?”


“Did you find it?”


“Did I find it?”


I then take it from him. Relieved. I had told him to find my laptop, because I told him that I couldn’t lose my laptop and that he may have picked it up and put it someplace. So he looked, and he didn’t find it. Then I checked the location finder, and it was showing in the house. The laptop could only be in my house, my parent’s house, my office, or have been stolen. The locate feature on Microsoft devices doesn’t work that well, so things cannot be find so easily.

I also remember that I may have let that laptop slip behind the cushion in the sofa, because my parents were coming over, and I didn’t want them to tell me that I am always on the computer. And I would remember to take it out.

New Property Module

The pandemic is full throttle right now. I have my property class that starts in 2.5 hours. I have only built out the syllabus through the midterm. I will have the students help design the rest and decide what they want to cover when.

Missing Props

It’s possible that I can unsubscribe from the Environmental Law email listserv and still have the hear about it. This time it was my erasure. Since I wasn’t on the listserv, I wasn’t there to witness it firsthand. Someone took it upon themselves to praise how diverse the environmental law professoriate has become. So they decided to mention how a Latino and Black female professor have achieved tenure last year.

Mind you all the other environmental law professors have been teaching environmental law since the Stone Ages. People the same age as you who are perceived as more accomplished because nobody wonders what they are doing in the room when they see them. People who don’t wonder why they are in the room of environmental law professors, because they never feel like they don’t belong because they are perpetually entitled.

From time to time this list recognizes individual accomplishments by our peers and friends. I would like to take this opportunity to share news of two milestones which represent not only signal steps in the careers of the individuals involved but also important steps toward enhancing the diversity of our ranks.

It brings me special pleasure to give a shout out to these friends who, like me and many others on this list, were public servants before becoming educators. It brings even more pleasure to note that these well-deserved promotions add a Latinx scholar and an African-American scholar, both of whom have published on the vital environmental justice matters affecting communities of color, to the senior ranks of our scholarly community.

Latino professor emails me and asks me if I don’t mind if he shares on the listserv that I have also achieved tenure. I respond:

Lol. I don’t think that’s a good idea, because I actually left the environmental law Listserv in November and then wrote a blog post about [it], which I deleted but then took out of the trash folder and republished because I felt an odd liberation leaving the Listserv. I thought most people don’t appreciate what I have to say there and would get offended if I responded more bluntly. 

Sent from iPhone. 

What I really want to say was, “Ain’t that some sh*t?”

I recounted this story to my son as we were baking brownies yesterday afternoon. Typically I do not bake after school brownies, but someone in his class had Covid. I decided I would keep them home for the week. They are asymptomatic.

“Oh, you felt that strongly about the listserv?” my son asks innocently.

Yes, don’t I feel strongly about everything?

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Gass Kahna

I also left this Muslim Grassroots activists Signal chat because I couldn’t handle all the anti-women rights and anti-LGBT BS. It’s not really grassroots, it’s gass kahna. Sitting around eating grass. Like chewing on wheat. That’s not activism. That’s homophobia. It’s not freedom of expression when you think men and women are not equal or that all people do not have equal rights.

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The Aftermath of Unsubscribe All

In this week of unsubscribe all, I have gone to

  • 2 spin classes
  • 2 yoga classes
  • a Canvas certification class
  • ABA policy meeting
  • Taught kids to fold all laundry, clean faucets and mirrors
  • Cleaned toilet bowls

The listservs consumed 1 to 1.25 hours of my day. I could eliminate that time suck and exercise, clean on my own, and do the policy work I care about, because I refuse to devote my career and life to downloads and citations when I can clean toilet bowls instead of read listserv emails. I have ordered new toilet bowl cleaner and am really excited. If I was on all these listservs, I would not think about taking the time to look for a more environmentally friendly toilet bowl cleaner. It’s basically vinegar with lemon.

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