A Life Without Cable

1985 siege of the Palace of Justice
Tanks laying siege to the burning Palace of Justice in Plaza Bolívar in 1985. Bogata Post

“I cannot talk. Mobs are talking over the capitol. Aren’t you watching this?”

“No.” I said irked.

“Go turn on the TV.”

“Okay. I will talk to you later.”

I didn’t turn on the TV. I don’t have cable. The last time I had cable was in law school, because my roommate said she needed to watch Gilmore Girls and The Apprentice. People watching cable is what ended us with the Capitol Mob. Watching Fox News nonstop.

By January 6th, 2021, I had spent the previous five months doing daily phone banking and multiple campaign events every single day. I was supposed to take the day off that day and celebrate winning Georgia, but the Capitol Mob got in the way. Best laid plans run amuck. I wasn’t going to completely take the day off, but just take it easy. It was three days away from my own campaign to get elected to the DNC. Being pissed off is a strong motivator. Being chided. Being sneered at. Scolded. It just didn’t sit with me. If there were 60 people running to serve on the Florida DNC delegation, I thought why not one more. So I ran with no clue. I even had to fight the progressives to let me run. Since I didn’t have a TV, I just kept calling people on the list to get people to vote for me to represent Florida at the DNC.

“Hi. My name is Nadia. I am running for DNC Committee Member to represent Florida.”

I called from the list of members of the Florida Democratic Party’s state committee persons and clubs and caucus leaders. I also had to call elected officials. I was really excited to see the support I received from strangers, but also surprised by the support I didn’t from people I knew. It was my first time running for anything besides in school.

My parents and siblings make fun of me because every time I answer the phone I say, “It’s me Nadia.”

This is followed by a “Yes, we know it’s you.”

“But how do you know it’s really me?”

“Because it says your name on the phone. It has your face on the video.”

“Ok. I just don’t want you to be confused.”

The state party machine did have a space for Muslim woman progressive in its ranks. Whether it accepted her as an equal or a nuisance are separate matters.

Hospital Discharge

Florida Hospital Celebration opening infusion center - Orlando Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel

Yesterday my aunt was discharged from the hospital. She spent five weeks in the hospital following emergency GI surgery. I fight for her. I fight for making our lives better. For making a space for us, carving out a corner for us in this country that is hellbent to vilify and marginalize us.

Back to School


My kids started back school yesterday also. I pray that everyday I drop them off they don’t get COVID. After two years of worrying about staying alive, the sheer exhaustion hasn’t worn off from when I started the winter break.

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UF President Stepping Down

University of Florida president W. Kent Fuchs said Wednesday he will step down from his post this fall to become a professor.

Yesterday Kent Fuchs announced he was transitioning and stepping down. That’s what needs to happen to DeSantis. Needs to transition away from the governor’s office. There is only so much drama that a system can handle when it runs against your favor.

LatCrit Board Appointment

LatCrit – Latina & Latino Critical Legal Theory

I officially joined the Board of LatCrit today. There is a name of the kids whose parents go to LatCrit. They are called Critters. Like LatCritters. Since my kids are into bug hunting. It’s not actually hunting. They do a catch and release. They fit right in.

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