Expired Passports

Swift's Guide to Passport Expiration Dates

During the pandemic, I have had an almost expired driver’s license, expired tag, and expired passport. The license I managed to renew on time. The tag I had realized until I got pulled over for it. The passport, though, is the worst of all. It means that when something happens we cannot travel.

This morning I received a WhatsApp message from my father in law with a message that his brother had died and he was on the way to the janaza. It was like 4:00 am. I should have been asleep but I fell asleep early the night before.

I have spent the last two weeks worried about my aunt, who was in a local hospital. I was worried the first few days she was in the ICU that I would get a text message that she had died. It’s been gnawing at me for two weeks.

I spent an hour thinking how I would tell my husband his uncle had died in India. I thought I wouldn’t wake him up. I texted his cousins who are here in the States. I figured they would be up.

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