Prison sentences and stays increasing in Florida despite drop in crime

The Florida Bar News has an article in the November 15th edition about how the drop in crime does not reflect decreases in prison populations and declines in prison rates. I’m not going to link to the article, because the article does not mention the word “race.” The Florida Bar can dish out the data, but it won’t slice and dice it. The article discusses age, types of offenses, recidivism, sentencing, etc.

Crime ⬇️ 65% in recent decades

Prison admissions ⬇️ 28% in the past decade

➡️ all this has led to➡️➡️➡️

⬆️ 22% increase in length of sentences

⬆️ 18% increase in length of stay

In 2018, we cannot politely discuss mass incarceration and avoid the topic of race. 🤐

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